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Clinical Approaches

Samantha provides a broad range of counseling services. Please contact her to inquire about your particular areas of concern. The following includes, but is not limited to, the therapeutic services Samantha can provide.

Adult Individual Therapy

  1. Family, career, academic, and other interpersonal issues
  2. Anxiety, depression, and stress management
  3. Life transition or direction issues such as divorce or career change
  4. Existential and spiritual issues such as grief, loss, death, and dying

Couples Therapy

  1. Relationship Issues
  2. Family of origin issues
  3. Cultural issues
  4. Pre-marital counseling
  5. Infidelity issues

Child Therapy

  1. Behavioral and Emotional issues
  2. Emotional issues due to family stress or crisis
  3. Trauma
  4. Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

Family Therapy

  1. Family conflicts
  2. Integrative and adoptive families
  3. Communication issue
  4. Family transitions

Adolescent Issues

  1. Self-identity issues
  2. Behavioral/emotional/academic issues
  3. Self-esteem issues
  4. Peer relationship issues
  5. Family relationship issues
Samantha also provides consultation, trainings, and workshops to professionals and the general public.